Loan deal possible for Milan starlet

A loan deal is possible for Milan starlet Gabbia.

Milan is playing the last game of the Serie A campaign and the management is thinking already about the next season. A loan deal is possible for Milan starlet Gabbia.

The transfer window is near and the directors start to work in order to improve the squad and achieve an evolution. In this transfer window Milan will think not just about signings but sales/loans also.

Milan starlet Gabbia showed in a few games this season that he has the potential to become a good defender but lack of experience leads to mistakes that this Milan can not forget. He played in 8 games this season, not bad for a 20 years old young defender.


A loan deal is possible for Milan starlet and Parma with Crotone are ready to present loan offers in order to have him in the squad for the next season.

Should Milan let him go? The answer is YES. He need practice and a club like Parma or Crotone will give him more minutes to play than Milan. The loan of the youngsters is a transfer strategy that Milan should implement for the future in order to understand which one of them deserves to wear and play in the Milan shirt.