Why Pioli and Rangnick should work together next year

AC Milan is in great form since the Seria A restart after Covid-19 lockdown and looks like Pioli found the key balance for the team.

All sports media news are reporting that in August Pioli will be out and Rangnick will come as a coach and sporting director.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday (via MilanNews), Elliott Management Corporation have closed an agreement with Ralf Rangnick on the basis of a three-year contract.

There is no doubt about Rangnick’s qualities, but at the same time it is clear that he too will need time to settle in a league he doesn’t know.

Pioli who found the key balance with the players should continue because 25 goals scored in 8 games with 6 wins and 2 draw shows his quality and ability to work with this team.

From our point of view, Milan should keep Pioli as a coach and bring Rangnick as a sporting director in order to establish a great transfer politic that will raise Milan to the next level of development.

Milan management should understand that team doesn’t need a revolution at this moment but evolution, in order to achieve the Champions League next year and return Milan to the place that it deserves, the top of Europe.