Milan, Ibra: “If I stay at Milan next year, we’ll win the scudetto.”

Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic spoke with Sky Sport on his return to wear the rossonero shirt and both his and the club’s future. While the team and Ibra are enjoying winning moments now, his future is uncertain after August.

“If they keep me, we’re winning the scudetto next year. After 20 years, I know my body. I am a training fanatic. I feel alive, I feel better. Everyone says that I’m always pissed off. It’s not true, I am well. Maybe I forced too much because I was feeling great and then hurt myself. I returned but not to the top and I feel like I can still arrive at 100%. The secret is to give your all. I will continue to play only if I can bring results. I am not a mascot. I will continue only if I can make a difference. Playing just to play doesn’t work for me, I can do that with my children.

Next season? We’ll see. I still have three weeks left on my contract. Nobody has started to speak from my side or Milan’s. Nobody knows anything right now. We’re playing and finished the best we can and then we will see.

So strong like Ibra…there’s nobody else in the world. It depends on the club, not just me. My objective is not to arrive sixth or seventh. In this situation, I wanted to go to Milan to help. They told me that I was the only one who could do it and here I am now. I am doing what I can, we’ll see about next year.

Rangnick? I don’t know him and don’t know if he’s coming. Nobody told us anything, we read what comes out in the papers. I don’t know if it’s official. But I know if I was here from the first day, we would have won the scudetto. If they keep me, we’ll win it next season. But it’s not a promise, there’s no guarantee. For that, you must speak with Mino.”